January 8, 2013

Stuff going on!

Happy new year, yes sure.
I'm not the ones who think last year sucked and hopes this will be better, it will be the same as my previous 26 years.
BUT now I'm actively working to go freelance, I'm having a few clients - mostly for graphic works, but sure also for illustrations - and I have a LOT of projects going on.

*MAH novel. Vocis Imago. 
I've talked about it before, still writing, it will be ready in 2000never, stay hopeful.
(No, really, I'm working on it, but I've always been so slow at writing, I write something like 2-4 pages per month lol)

*The Gospel according to All
This one has started here. My boyfriend writes it, I illustrate it (but this doesn't mean I won't write any chapters in the future). It's in italian, but if you can't understand italian you can look at my illustrations until we decide (have the money to) to translate everything.
It's a multimedial novel.

*Green Drapes
My experiment to remember myself how to draw comics. Almost ready, almost done. You can read it in english on my DeviantArt

*10.000 days
Another graphic novel, written by the wonderful Alessandra Leoni, which I will illustrate as soon as I complete Gospel's prologue.

*Other stuff
I have billions of ideas for comics/novels/short novels, but I don't have the time to actually work on them, but I'm noting down ideas when they come up. <3

Then, I'm studying piano and music theory and next year I want to add some singing lesson, so I have a lot of stuff to think about, and my cat steals a lot of my time. He adores to chew my fingers.

I spent 3 weeks at my parent's place cause they went in Australia to spend Christmas/New Year's Eve with my sister down there in Brissy, and while up there in the north I took the chance to visit "my land" a bit more. I found out our local product is decadence, northern Lombardy could export it.